Elementary (ages 6 – 12)

The Elementary programs are designed for students ages 6-9 years of age (Lower Elementary) and 9-12 years of age (Upper Elementary). At this age, students need an environment that encourages social interaction and independence from adults by their own efforts. Students are curious to answer the how and why of their environment. They have a need for abstraction, intellectual activity, and self-expression.

LE DecimalThe Elementary community consists of a lead teacher and a trained assistant. The Elementary program gears the work to be more independent and less teacher-initiated. It provides opportunities to explore concepts in a variety of ways: concrete, abstract, and through real-life experiences. Practical life is expressed through organization of tasks for the benefit of the class community. The preparation of practical activities at the higher level is how students continue to bring order to their environment (e.g. planning a field trip or community service event). Language is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum, specifically oral and written expression, and reading. It becomes a major tool for research and oral presentations. Research projects incorporate the development of skills and the exploration of subject areas in multi-aged collaborative groups. Math is approached so that a natural connection to the environment is obvious. Cultural (geographical) subjects are explored through group and individual studies and act as a means by which to integrate the entire curriculum. A natural connection between the past and the present is examined through Zoology and Botany.

The Elementary environment satisfies the needs of the whole-student at this age. Through this environment, social responsibility and cooperation with adults comes naturally. Students develop the ability to verbally express concerns and emotions. Through the study of core curricula, students develop a love of learning and become responsible individuals who are able to think critically.

Art, Music, Spanish, and Physical Education are part of our weekly Elementary program.  Library and Physical Education are taught by specialized teachers while the Fine Arts and Foreign Language are integrated into the classroom by the Lead Teacher and are available as material for exploration during the student’s uninterrupted work cycle.

Video:  Welcome to the Lower Elementary Classroom!

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