Primary (ages 3 – 6)

The Primary program is designed for students 3 – 6 years of age. At this age, students need a safe and prepared environment that provides the opportunity to develop independence, concentration, and social skills and introduces the concepts of the Core Curriculum in a group setting. The Primary community consists of a lead teacher and a trained assistant.

Primary Teen Board
Primary Students Using Teen Board

The method and the environment consider the development of the whole personality. Space designs and furnishings integrate the indoor and outdoor environments and respond to the physical, social, and psychological needs of students at various stages. The environment helps students to refine large and small motor skills, acquire phonemic awareness, and develop basic math concepts. Teachers promote this process by creating a student-centered environment and by moving from simple to complex experiences that increase the challenge at each stage.

In the Primary environment, daily opportunities are provided that allow the growing student to achieve successive levels of independence in thought and action. The experience of contributing to the care of the environment results in a sense of belonging and self worth. The environment affords a place where students can act independently, direct their own life, and, therefore, become conscious of their own powers and abilities. By working in harmony with others, students learn to be an effective and cooperative member of the classroom community. The students become self-disciplined, self-directed, and motivated in the learning process, which leads to a life-long love of learning.

The goal of the Primary Program is to prepare the child for being successful in life in general and entry into the Elementary program.

Video:  Welcome to the Primary Classroom!

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