Toddler (18 month – 3 years)

The Toddler program is designed for students 18 months-3 years of age. Young children need a secure and loving environment that helps bring order to their world. Students bring order to their environment through practical life and sensorial materials. Teachers promote this process by allowing students the freedom they need Toddler Workingto fully develop their intellectual, emotional, and social skills. The method and the environment provide the structure necessary for students to develop independence, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-motivation, and a trusting relationship with their caregivers. This promotes interaction, creativity, and a curiosity for learning. At HCMS, the Toddler environment is fully equipped with age-appropriate Montessori materials, nurturing faculty, and an architecturally designed classroom and playground that meet the specific needs of young children.

Video:  Welcome to the Toddler Class!

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