Who We Are

Hill Country Montessori School is an American Montessori Society (AMS) accredited, non-profit school located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. HCMS is situated on 10 beautiful acres between Boerne and Spring Branch on State Highway 46 and offers an authentic Montessori education to students from age 18 months through 8th grade.

What does it mean to be “authentic”?

Certified Teachers

All of our Lead teachers hold credentials from AMS recognized training programs. Having accredited teachers ensure that Montessori’s tenets and pedagogy remain true. Montessori teachers integrate lessons using specific didactic materials. If a teacher is not trained appropriately in the use of these materials and the associated lessons, the materials lose their value for the student.

Multi-age Classrooms

Authentic Montessori classrooms group students into multi-age environments which; generally 3 year age spans.  This allows for younger students to model behavior of older students.  Older students, in turn, develop and exercise leadership skills.   Additionally, older students also assist younger students with learning which crystallizes their own lesson mastery. This allows teachers to spend more than a single year with students developing a greater bond and sense of community.

Student Lead LearningPrimary Teen Board

The Montessori classroom allows children a large degree of autonomy when selecting lessons. Teachers provide lessons to students individually or in groups and then observe the child as he/she works to master the concept.  Children display intense concentration when allowed to select work that interests them. Teachers ensure students get a complete education by guiding children when needed to complete work that may be of less interest to the child.

The Prepared Environment

If you look at an authentic Montessori classroom, you will observe beauty and order.  This is what Maria Montessori called “the prepared environment.”  It is an environment that is set up to facilitate learning with developmentally appropriate materials. Shelves are organized in progressive order from top to bottom and left to right.  Students understand this progression and work accordingly.  Within this prepared environment, children can work on lessons of their choice, at their desired pace, which develops independence and self-discipline.

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