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Hill Country Montessori School follows the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, a physician, anthropologist, and internationally renowned child educator. Born in Chiaravalle, Italy in 1870, Montessori devoted her life to helping all children reach their natural potential. 

The first Casa Dei Bambini, “Children’s House,” was opened in 1907. The program was based on Montessori’s observations that children learn best in a multi-age setting, filled with developmentally appropriate materials. Montessori also believed that all learning comes through the senses. This structure provides experiences that contribute to the development of self-motivated and independent learners.

Our AMS accredited, self-paced classrooms will place an emphasis on your child’s holistic development, helping them develop internal fulfillment, a strong academic foundation, and social connection throughout life. Discover our Montessori programs below and why these classroom methods work.

About Our AMS Accredited Classrooms


Toddler Program
(18 Months – 3 Years)

The first three years of your child’s life are the most fundamental in the development of their being and their potential. This classroom is prepared by the teacher to promote independence, freedom to explore within limits, and a sense of order. Your child will be able to make use of what the environment offers to develop their intellectual, emotional, and social skills.

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Primary Preschool Program
(3 – 6 Years)

The HCMS Primary Preschool program supports children ages 3 – 6 in becoming independent, concentrated, social, responsible students who love to learn. Your child will be encouraged to explore, collaborate with other students, and take ownership of their education.

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Elementary Program
(1st – 6th Grade)

The Elementary programs are designed for students ages 6 – 9 years of age (Lower Elementary) and 9 – 12 years of age (Upper Elementary). Your child will be challenged academically and learn to question, think critically, and take responsibility for their own education – skills that will help them reach their full potential in life.

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Middle School
(7th – 8th Grade)

Hill Country Montessori’s Middle School program is uniquely designed to support the cognitive and social development of students ages 12 – 14. The mission of this program is to empower adolescents to be self-confident, academically competent, and possess the skills needed to thrive in society.

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HCMS Summer Camps
(18 Months-12 Years)

Hill Country Montessori School’s Summer Program is designed to provide a safe, nurturing, and fun environment in which your child will experience the joy of learning.  This summer, we are offering weekly themed camps for children ages 18 months – 12 years.  Our camps are arranged in age-appropriate groups so all students may get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from their time with us.  Our staff is committed to a standard of excellence that promotes a loving and stimulating environment while encouraging children to discover the thrill of learning.  By appealing to their senses, imagination, intellect, emotions, and spirit, children are inspired to explore, discover, and enjoy.

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