Student Life

HCMS Events & Celebrations

Parent/Teacher/Student conferences are held two times per year. The purpose of these meetings is to celebrate the learning that has occurred in the previous semester. The student will attend these sessions with the parent(s) and teacher(s).

  • Elementary classes participate in field trips that correspond with a particular unit of study. Past field trips include visits to museums, botanical gardens, the San Antonio Zoo, Texas state parks, Toyota, etc.
  • Our Middle School program includes overnight field trips that integrate current fields of study.

HCMS holds our annual fundraiser, the HCMS Family Fiesta, in the spring. At this family event, we raise money to help support our school and tuition assistance programs.


HCMS School Athletics

We offer cross country and track & field to all students starting in 4th grade (unlike larger, traditional schools where they only allow certain students to participate in school athletics beginning in 7th grade). We focus on having students try something new and individual progression instead of winning medals and ribbons (even though our students do win medals and go on to play high school sports). 

Year in and year out, our students bring the skills, morals, and attributes they developed as student-athletes at HCMS into their high school and professional lives. For those students looking for larger sports programs, the Boerne/San Antonio area has many opportunities to play a respective sport.

HCMS Extended School Care Programs

Families who require a flexible schedule may take advantage of our Early Arrival and After School Programs. These programs are provided for HCMS students and they allow our students to remain in one environment that provides continuity in their school day. The extended school care programs are designed to provide a positive social-emotional atmosphere for students. 

The focus is to support and promote success in all aspects of their development. With a skilled team of teachers and caregivers, students are provided with indoor and outdoor activities, as well as academic enrichment.



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